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What We Do

We create a software package that ensures critical systems hosted on your mobile wireless network perform everywhere that you do. Save money and time lost to wireless network problems. Identify and fix communications issues before they occur.

Proactive Maintenance

With the 24Wave Traveler suite, precisely locate faults in your mobile wireless network well before problems occur and your applications function inefficently or fail entirely.

Troubleshooting and Alerting

Our analytics applications continually learn about your network performance and alert analysts automatically when performance signatures show that your mobile wireless network is degrading in locations.

Metrics-Based Management

Both internal network providers and carriers need accountablity for service levels. Ensure that the wireless connectivity service you're paying for is delivering up to specifications through easy to use and customizable metrics.


We take pride in our intense focus on industries that demand quality mobile wireless networks. If you have a view of the sky and a mission critical wireless application, you need us.

Public Safety

Police, Fire & EMS Situational Awareness


Fleet Management & Collision Avoidance

Ports and Rail

Realtime Location and Asset Tracking

How It Works

We use the power of statistical models to analyze your mobile wireless network performance.

  • Real-Time Traffic Flow

    A simple client device with a GPS puck is placed on a few of your vehicles and pointed at a server address. The server sends and receives data to and from the clients at a rate you choose.

  • Data Analysis

    Data gathered by the wireless receivers is compiled by the analytics server, hosted either in your datacenter or in the 24Wave cloud. A model of your network's performance is built and continually refined as your vehicles operate.

  • Problems Identified

    As conditions change and portions of your mobile wireless network needs attention, our models spot minute changes that predict future field application problems. Analysts are alerted of developing issues in a simple, easy to use, visual fashion.

  • Reporting and Remediation

    In-depth, customizable reporting is created both for analysts to respond to issues proactively and for management to measure and ensure quality of mobile wireless services. All data is available and customizable to use in the way your organization needs.


In-depth information on how our analysis suite will improve your mobile wireless network. The real-time future of mobile applications is here, and your network is not ready. We can help.

The 24Wave System

A simple, easy-to-understand video explaining the basic why and how of the 24Wave Traveler system.

Public Safety Wireless

A primer on meeting the needs of tomorrow's public safety wireless network -- and why you're not ready.

24Wave for Mining

The mining industry has a lot of efficiency pressure -- and billions of dollars left on the table due to wireless.

Connect. Manage. Predict.

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