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Your Mine Needs 24Wave. Here's Why.

Mining is a game of cost per ton. Whether 802.11, WiMax, 3G or LTE, your wireless network is not enabling your fleet management system at its maximum efficiency. But wireless network issues create early signatures before failures occur. 24Wave mines the data from your wireless to uncover and fix these issues, allowing your FMS to run better and your safety systems to function more reliably.

Roll with the Changes

Wireless in mining is incredibly difficult because everything is moving. Including the earth itself. 24Wave Traveler maintains a constant picture of the capability of your wireless network and lets your team respond to degradation quickly, before it affects systems and costs tonnage or safety.

Identify Onboard Problems

It's very tricky to distinguish between an onboard radio, application or infrastructure problem. With 24Wave this becomes trivial as underperforming machines quickly stand out. Antenna or radio issues can be scheduled for maintenance before significant connectivity problems occur.

Metrics-Based Management

Mining is driven by numbers. Your wireless network shouldn't be any different. 24Wave Traveler allows the simple creation of visible, site-wide network performance metrics that let you set target levels and drive accountability for network performance and continuous improvement.


In-depth information on how our analysis suite will improve your mobile wireless network. The real-time future of mobile applications is here, and your network is not ready. We can help.

Demo The System

View a simple dataset presented by the 24Wave system. From the presentation of this data you can easily see the application to mining environments and mining equipment. Keep in mind that the 24Wave reporting system is incredibly flexible and the look, feel and reporting thresholds can easily be adapted to your mine's needs.

24Wave for Mining Overview

A basic overview on how the 24Wave system works and some of the benefits. Provides a high level technical background on the system design and the components. Includes a brief description on what the 24Wave system brings to the table to increase the velocity of your mining systems. Downloads in PDF format.

24Wave for Mining In Depth

Coming soon: A deeper dive into the connectivity challenges facing the mining industry today and into the future. Explains how increased real-time FMS needs, safety and even autonomy drive more and more value being derived out of the wireless network. Shows how 24Wave is a key partner in reaching your productivity goals.

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