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Locate everything. Always.

Wireless networks in the rail and port industries share the unique challenges of hundreds and thousands of large metal objects moving and changing. Meanwhile, real-time asset location is increasingly key. The 24Wave system lets you stretch your wireless technology investments reliably.

Find Problem Areas

Port and rail wireless is problematic to manage due to the motion of large metal containers, ships and trains. Insightful, visual data and planning is needed to get the most out of your investments in wireless. The 24Wave system creates a constant picture of your wireless connectivity so you know exactly where to focus on improvements or remediation.

Fix Your Fleet

Data radios, connections and antennas in trains and machines are subject to day-in-day out abuse. The 24Wave system pinpoints those vehicles in your fleet that are developing connectivity problems. This allows preventative maintenance to take place before service is degraded or your critical applications simply don't work, costing money and time.

Metrics-Based Management

Visibility is the best way to manage to an outcome. Your wireless network shouldn't be an exception to this. 24Wave Traveler allows the simple creation of intuitive, site-wide network performance metrics that let you set target levels and drive accountability for network performance and establish goals for continuous improvement.


In-depth information on how our analysis suite will improve your mobile wireless network. The real-time future of mobile applications is here, and your network is not ready. We can help.

Demo The System

View a simple dataset presented by the 24Wave system. It is a subset of municipal data, but you can easily see the extension to an environment of any size. Keep in mind that the 24Wave reporting system is incredibly flexible and the look, feel and reporting thresholds can easily be adapted to your department's needs.

Connect. Manage. Predict.