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Wireless Networks Drive Tomorrow's Situational Awareness

Our first responders know that situational awareness is key. Our wireless networks, whether 802.11, WiMax, LTE, carrier based or department supported, are becoming a key link in the flow of information to and from our men and women in uniform. The 24Wave system ensures that the wireless networks support our first responders wherever and whenever.

Find Problem Areas

In rural areas, wireless can be problematic at the fringes due to a lot of ground to cover. In urban areas, construction and unanticipated areas of need drive connectivity problems. The 24Wave system creates a constant picture of your wireless connectivity so you know exactly where to focus on improvements or remediation.

Fix Your Fleet

Data radios, connections and antennas in vehicles are subject to day-in-day out abuse. The 24Wave system pinpoints those vehicles in your fleet that are developing connectivity problems and allows preventative maintenance to take place before service is degraded or your critical field applications simply don't work.

Metrics-Based Management

Visibility is the best way to manage to an outcome. Your wireless network shouldn't be an exception to this. 24Wave Traveler allows the simple creation of intuitive, site-wide network performance metrics that let you set target levels and drive accountability for network performance and establish goals for continuous improvement.


In-depth information on how our analysis suite will improve your mobile wireless network. The real-time future of mobile applications is here, and your network is not ready. We can help.

Demo The System

View a simple dataset presented by the 24Wave system. It is a subset of municipal data, but you can easily see the extension to an environment of any size. Keep in mind that the 24Wave reporting system is incredibly flexible and the look, feel and reporting thresholds can easily be adapted to your department's needs.

24Wave for Public Safety

A basic overview on how the 24Wave system works and some of the benefits. Provides a high level technical background on the system design and the components. Includes a brief description on what the 24Wave system brings to the table to increase the reliability of your public safety systems. Downloads in PDF format.

Public Safety In Depth

A deeper dive into the connectivity challenges facing public safety today and into the future. Explains how new applications from real-time positioning location to on-demand two-way video drive more and more emphasis on the capability of your wireless network. Shows how 24Wave is a key partner in ensuring the safety of our first responders.

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